KPM is a leading Mongolian consultancy group which provides multidisciplinary engineering for mining and metallurgical projects at all stages of development. KPM has been operating since 2010 and works all over the world through its national network of offices.

KPM’s typical clients include a range of merchant banks, private mining companies, aid agencies, lawyers, insurers and major Government and mining companies. KPM has undertaken competent person’s reports, due diligence, financial analyses, bankable documents, support to investors, institutional strengthening, investment management, detailed engineering drawings, mineral exploration, mining engineering, geological and environmental remediation projects at all levels from very small operations through to multidisciplinary and multinational operations in developing countries, and in the developed world.

KPM’s headquarter is in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and working with other international companies from London, Germany and associate companies from Russia and Australia. Our teams are highly decentralised through a network of main project offices and are working on a number of assignments at any one time. KPM also forms collaborations with local companies in countries where work volumes have reached critical mass and offers economic advantage to our clients.

Contact us :
Telephone: +976 70118009
Fax : +976 70118015
Address: Suite #213, MUESTO building, peace Avenue 105, Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar 16050, Mongolia