KPM LLC has been developing the monitoring systems such as Fuel Consumption Monitoring system, Ground water monitoring system, Fleet monitoring and dispatching complete system, and etc. Our engineering team will design and implement all kind of monitoring systems according to the customer's needs and requirements. Some of them even has SCADA architecture. 

One of the completed best known monitoring system is "Ground water monitoring system" which was implemented with cooperation MINIS project of World bank and Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The Groundwater monitoring system has been developed to control all groundwater monitoring boreholes of Mongolian rural areas, remotely, using telemetry network solution. The system can provide full control to measure and collect borehole information and its measurement data.

KPM LLC has developed software to transfer data of groundwater water level, temperature, hardness and mineralization via mobile network; to display the data directly on the screen; to analyze the data by integrating other similar data saving in data center; to show and print result of the analyze as map, table and database; able to provide users by B/S application WEB.

System components

Ground water monitoring system consists of:

  • User application
  • Data transferring terminals via Mobile network
  • Water level, temperature, mineralization and hardness measuring equipment
  • Power supplies
  • Display to control result of the information in real time