Grocery Vehicle


Framing structure of the van/composite panels
Frame supporting structure and foundation of the frame made of roll-formed channel or pressed section with shaped tubes
Frame supporting structure and the frame painted with antirusting enamel
Vertical struts of the frame are made of shaped tubes/in case of composite panels-without struts
Exterior is furnished with galvanized sheet with polymer coating. The sheet is fixed to the vertical struts by interlocking joint with blind rivets/in case of composite panels – without blind rivets
Edging of the van is made with aluminium. Top corner joints connecting the frame of the van are covered with ABS plastic angle
Rear splitdoors with 270 degrees split angle
Fitments of the locking mechanisms, door hinges (galvanized metal)
External rod-type locking mechanism made of antirusting material
Portal frame edging (painted metal)
Bolted connector to the on-board power line of the vehicle
Lower back panel
Interior is furnished with galvanized sheet
The floor is covered with galvanized sheet
Inside light 1 roof light 12V


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