High Pressure Firefighting Equipment is designed for the effective suppression of local forest fires, peat bogs by the high pressure of 170 atm. using a fine spray of economical water consumption -10L per hour.
It consists of a metal frame on which were installed: an internal combustion engine, high-pressure pump, trunk spray with hose reel. UVD includes firmly fixed tube mixer, connected to a line input for the use of solid cartridge-wetting, allowing to increase the extinguishing properties of water at least twice, which greatly reduces the time localization and extinguishing of forest fires. UVD coil design makes it easy to unwind and wind up the high pressure hose during operation – when on the water supply. UVD is equipped with retractable handles for transportation and moving. UVD can be carried in compartments of firefighting tankers, fire trailers, as well as in the trunk or back of car.

Parameter name Value
Type of instalation Installation of high pressure
Equipment Brand ATC-10.0 HVL
Engine's type 4-stroke
Engine specification
– Engine power, hp (KW), at least 6.5 (3.4)
Pump type High-pressure plunger pump
Pump brand equivalent
– Flow, l / min, at least 10.0
– Pressure (bar), not less than 170.0
– Jet range, m 17.0
The trunk spray (gun) with a high pressure hose reel
– The length of high pressure hose, m 50
Overall dimensions, not more:
– Length 550
– Width 550
– Height 660
Weight, no more 62



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