Water Hose

Fire hoses are designed for the assembly of fire hydrants interior and exterior (street) of accommodations, cabinets and mobile water pumps. The operating pressure is 1.0 MPa and can be used in recurring uses. It is resistant to rot, decay and mold.
It does not crack and does not cake, does not require any talc use. Inner cover is made of high quality polymer materials to provide long-lasting operation in regions with temperate and cold climates.

Available in 20-meter-long sleeves of ± 1 m and 18 ± 0.5 m, diameter of 25mm with the heads of the GR- 25mm with heads plastic or metal.
Available diameter options 25mm and 50mm.
Application: For portable water pumps; cabinets for indoor and outdoor fire hydrants houses and industrial premises; watering in agricultural use.



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